Quercus is the Universities student record, delivered by Campus IT. Quercus is 'owned’ by SAS and is supported by IT Services. In 2013/14 the University is using two version of Quercus, one at old Newport and one at old Glamorgan. These two databases are separate installations and do not communicate with one another. By the start of 2014/15 the plan is that we will have a single version of Quercus.

Access to Quercus is through attending relevent training programmes which are delivered through Staff Development

There are two 'views’ of Quercus, the first (and original) is the classic grey screens that we have been using over the last ten years. To use these screens IT Services need to install a Java client onto your pc. The second (and new) view is a web based version which is being developed to replace the original function at a time.