Approved Record Management Process

The Approved Student Record Management Process is the official guide to how we manage student status’s on Quercus. The document has recently been updated to take account of the new 'Failed to Enrol’ student status. There are 8 status that are used;

PRE REGISTERED – The student is waiting to enrol
ENROLLED – The student has enrolled
FAILED TO ENROL – Student was pre-registered but hasn’t enrolled (AUTO CHANGE)
WITHDRAWN WITHOUT ATTENDING – The student has enrolled but then fails to attend (NEW students only)
SUSPENDED AFTER ENROLMENT – The student has suspended their studies and will not return until next session
WITHDRAWN AFTER ENROLMENT – The student has withdrawn from the University and cannot return onto their course
DORMANT – The student has suspended their studies for the entire year
HESA STUDENT ONLY – This is used for internal record keeping only (DO NOT USE)
TRANSFERRED – The student has transferred course, once complete please amend to either TRANSFER STUDENT or TRANSFER ADMIN
WITHDRAW / CANCEL APPLICATION – When a student defers their year of study and has a pre registered record in Quercus

Validation reports are available for admin managers to use to ensure that the correct codes are being used.