Unistats Overview

UNISTATS is a statutory return that was introduced in 2012. The UNISTATS website displays data and this allows students to compare and contrast various aspects of the courses and Universities they are applying for. The first Unistats was uploaded in August 2012 for the use of potential applicants for September 2013. Ceri Langford-Jones is responsible for the overall management of the UNISTATS process and Margaret Moore manages the UNISTATS production.

New Courses

When new courses are approved by Faculties to progress to validation then a new skeleton course will need to be created by Quality Assurance and Enhancement. Once this has been created then SAMI staff will be liaising with Faculty and Departmental staff to complete the UNISTATS data set. Once the dataset has been fully completed the data can be uploaded onto the UNISTATS site to support the application process. Full details of the UNISTATS Methodology can be found at HESA

UNISTATS data validation

Please note that UNISTATS datasets are only refreshed on a weekly basis and therefore any changes will take 7 to 10 days to be completed.