Student Number Planning

Student Administration Services take a lead on Student Number Planning alongside staff from the Executive Office. The planning process involves Faculty Heads of Administration identifying target student numbers and then for SAS staff, led by Thomas Bodley Scott to process this data.

Following this the Faculty Deans, other Senior Members of Staff and the HOA meet with senior member of the Executive, the Head of Marketing and Student Recruitment, the International Office, and Deputy Director of SAS and Executive Office staff to challenge, review and agree the targets.

The targets are then used to supply data sets to Finance in order to build an original budget for the following year.

The University is currently implementing Corporate Planner and it is intended that in 2014/15 student forecasts and the planning process will be managed through Corporate Planner. For further information please speak to Liam Bryson

For detailed planning data please visit the SNP section on the Information Management Portal