HEFCW Funding

HEFCW have changed the process for controlling their fee grant obligation, instead of allocation a maximum number of students that universities can enrol they have given each university a maximum fee grant allocation. This refers to the grant the Welsh Government provides to all Welsh and EU full-time undergraduate students that are being charged a fee over £3,575 to maintain welsh students’ fee liabilities at this level. This allows unlimited recruitment of English Students with the cap only being on Welsh and EU Students. This includes:

  • All USW students
  • Welsh Franchise College (USW) students
  • Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama Students

The maximum fee grant for the University of South Wales in 2013/14 is £26,945,313. HEFCW will allow a tolerance of 5% to take into account improved retention this gives a maximum cap of £28,292,579.

HEFCW circular W12/38HE gives details of how this cap was calculated and HEFCW circular W13/09HE contains full details of the maximum fee grant allocation across the whole of the Welsh HE sector.

If you require more information on HEFCW funding please contact Thomas Bodley Scott on 4353 or Liam Bryson on 3670