Room Booking

Book a room for dates between 9th July 2018 to 7th July 2019

Colleagues can use the university’s online room booking resource service to book spaces for ad-hoc meetings and other activities. The system enables you to view the availablity of rooms, request your preferred rooms and make the booking electronically. Currently only general purpose teaching rooms (GPT) and centrally managed meeting rooms can be booked via this service. Rooms should only be booked for events aimed at USW students or for internal staff meetings. For all other events please contact Events.
Specialist teaching rooms are not bookable via this service, permission needs to be sought from the room owner e.g. Richard Summers for all Atrium rooms, or Head of School. Please send approval to Central Room Bookings (CRB).

Teaching should not be booked via this service, (e.g. anything that relates to a specific module code or you wish to appear on the student timetables) please contact Timetabling.

If you are booking an external speaker you must comply with the External Speaker Policy and complete the appropriate form.

It is recommended you search by campus and the room type Meeting/Teaching Rooms e.g. Atrium Meeting/Teaching Rooms or Glyntaff Computer Lab. For the Treforest and Glyntaff campus, you can limit your search to a building by selecting the Meeting/Teaching room option then holding down the CTRL key and selecting your preferred building. Please read the room descriptions carefully as this provides more detail about a room, e.g. Tiered/Fixed seating. If there is no description other than GPT, the room will be flat with moveable furniture.

The timetabling database runs from mid July to mid July, ad-hoc bookings can only be made once the teaching timetable has been completed.

NB Please do not use a room if you have not officially booked it. If you have booked a room and you no longer require it, please cancel it via the online Booking Service/My Bookings.

Teaching Request?

The online room request service is to be only used by staff to request rooms for ad-hoc meetings. Teaching requests should be sent to Timetabling, this includes in-class tests, presentations, changes to day/time or room.
In the simplest terms, teaching has a module code. This is something that you wish to appear on your student timetables. 1-1 sessions with students or re-sit tests are generally not considered as a teaching request.
If you are unsure if your booking relates to teaching please view Teaching V’s Ad-hoc (PDF 24KB)

CRB/Timetabling reserves the right to refer back any such bookings it believes to be teaching related.

How to Book Rooms which are not on the Room Request Service

Only general purpose teaching rooms and some meeting rooms are available via this service. As specialist space has specific equipment or requires some element of induction/health and safety, these are only bookable by request from the faculty room owners, some rooms are listed below, others please contact CRB

Cardiff Music Studios e-mail Audio Tech Support

Cardiff Performance Studios CB218, CB4 and CB414, e-mail Drama Tech Support

Cardiff Media Studios e.g. CA215, CA216, CB13, e-mail Media Tech Support

Most Cardiff Atrium rooms are classed as Specialist space please contact Richard Summers for approval, once received please forward confirmation to CRB who will then book the space for you.

Ty Crawshay Graduate Research Centre meeting rooms TC106, TC107 and TC108 e-mail Graduate Research Office

Directorate Board Rooms A211 and A30 use the room e-mail on the global address list

Dedicated Video Conferencing Rooms. Please visit the IT Services page for more detail Video Conferencing

Contact Us

All of the information you need on this service can be found via the Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any further questions please contact Central Room Bookings or phone 01443 482911.