Examination Information for Academic Staff

Examination periods and timetable

Examination periods and Key dates

Examination Paper Templates and Submission

Step One – Create an examination paper template front cover in SAFE (NB Only SAFE front cover sheets will be accepted)
Step Two – Write your examination paper
Step Three – Internally and externally moderate the examination paper (NB This process has not changed from last academic year so please continue to moderate the paper in the same way)
Step Four – Upload the moderated examination papers to SAFE

To ensure security of examination papers please ensure that all examination papers are stored securely and are password protected to the point of submission to Academic Registry. In SAFE, users only have access to modules they teach. Please remove the password at the point of submission to SAFE.

Guidance for Staff on how to write an examination paper

All SAFE Examination User Guides have been moved to the ECG – Faculties Team on Microsoft Teams, under the Examinations Faculties Channel.
All guides can be found under the Exam Paper Templates and Submission Guidance folder
If you do not have access to this folder please contact exams@southwales.ac.uk

Non-Standard Examinations

If it is not possible for an examination to take place during the defined University examination periods in January, February, May or August (please see our Examination periods and Key dates for specific dates) the examination will be classed as a non-standard examination.

Non-standard examinations process


Request DDS class test support
Order Examinations Answer Booklets for class tests

Useful links

Link to SAFE
Information and advice for students sitting examinations during Ramadan
How a student can request to sit an examination offsite

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