From September 2013 the way that the TIER 4 compliance process is administered is changing to make it a simpler admin process. The new process will be driven through Quercus and will enable more accurate and timely data to be recorded. Subject to minor changes the process was agreed by the TIER 4 Compliance Group in June.


Once a student has accepted an offer and made a deposit of 50% E&A issue a CAS to enable the student to apply for a VISA. The student’s application will then change to a ‘UF’ status and two months before the start date the record will be transferred to Quercus. Once the transfer has been identified as successful the ‘TRANSFER to QUERCUS’ date is populated in Admit. If a student withdraws their application before transfer to Quercus then E&A staff will set the CAS to withdrawn with the Home Office.

E&A to run validation reports after the official end of enrolment date to identify any UF students who have a CAS and who do not have the ’TRANSFER to QUERCUS’ field populated, and send this list to Student Administration who will then report these students to the Home Office. These will be in small number, and will be those who have been refused a VISA and their application cancelled before they were able to transfer to Quercus.


When the Admit record is created in Quercus the students CAS is recorded as a person reference number and the student will have a PRE-REGISTERED status in Quercus. On enrolment local administrators are required in all cases to take a scan of the passport and visa and store these documents on Quercus. The naming convention would be PASSPORT_idnumber or VISA_idnumber. The admin team will also add the VISA and PASSPORT number as TIER 4 reference numbers.

1 week after the start of course instance (2 weeks in September), all students who are still PRE-REGISTERED will automatically be amended to ‘FAILED to ENROL’. They will also automatically have a T4_FAILED_TO_ENROL note, with the note start date set to the date the note was created for students with a CAS reference number.

Local admin staff & E&A staff will need to run a Discoverer report to identify those students with 1) a T4_FAILED_TO_ENROL note and 2) a FAILED to ENROL / RE-ENROL status and 3) a CAS number. They will need to enter comments as to why the student may have failed to enrol against the note on Quercus, such as Deferred etc. Structure the description by using the following; 'DATE INITALS EXTENSION REASONS’. This will be completed within 5 working days of the note creation.

Student Administration Services staff will then run a report 10 days after the T4_FAILED_TO_ENROL note was created and report the students to the Home Office who still have a FAILED to ENROL. The note will be closed with the date of reporting to the Home Office. They will then create a T4_REPORTED note and the reasons entered on the Home Office Enquiries site will be entered into the free text field against the note using 'INITALS EXTENSION REASONS’

Once the student has enrolled the student will be identified as a TIER 4 student by the faculty and will have a TIER 4 reference number.

Study (Transfer / Withdrawals / Suspensions)

During the life of a student on a course they may change their circumstances, withdraw or suspend from a course. The student may also transfer the course that they are studying; all of these cases need to be reported to the Home Office.

Faculty / Campus Admin staff need to action the change on Quercus as per normal, but instead of updating the spreadsheets with the change they will need to create a Home Office Note note, using the 'DATE INITALS EXTENSION REASONS’ structure with comments about the reason for the status change. The start date of the note will be the date of creation of the note. The note should be against the transfer, suspended or withdrawn record.

• Transfer use T4_TRANSFER
• Suspended use T4_SUPSENDED
• Withdrawn use T4_WITHDRAWN

Student Administration Services will run reports on a weekly basis to identify all students with an open note, who are TIER 4 and who have a TRANSFER, SUSPENDED or WITHDRAWN status. The TIER4 note will be closed and a T4_REPORTED the note created with the free text updated with the reasons reported to the Home Office, again using the 'INITALS EXTENSION REASONS’ structure.


International non-EU students who have been discontinued or have been discontinued and awarded an intermediate award following a progression/award assessment board must be reported to the Home Office at the earliest opportunity. This also applies to students who have chosen to exit with an intermediate award and are therefore completing their studies early.

The reporting deadline date (or DO NOT REPORT UNTIL DD/MM/YYYY date) will be set by Student Records in line with the University assessment board dates. An email will be sent to Campus Managers informing them of the reporting deadline date prior to or during the assessment board period.

Campus admin staff will identify discontinued students by analysing TP28 Award Board Reports. Campus admin should then create a Tier 4_Student was Discontinued note, using the 'DATE INITALS EXTENSION REASONS’ structure with comments about the reason for the decision to discontinue. This should be done at the earliest opportunity (i.e. the following day) after the Progression/Award Assessment Board has taken place. The text 'DO NOT REPORT UNTIL DD/MM/YYY’ should be entered at the start of the note.

A OP001 SAMI – Tier4 report will be run on the reporting deadline date to identify students with an open note. Students will be reported to the Home Office once the Student Records team are satisfied that all decisions are final and no further changes are going to be made by campus administration (e.g. student appeals). The Tier 4_Student was Discontinued note will be closed and a T4_Reported to the Home Office note will be created with the free text updated with the reasons reported to the Home Office, using the 'DATE INITALS EXTENSION REASONS’ structure.

A student may appeal against a board decision and sufficient time must be given to allow for a student to lodge an appeal. The appeal must be lodged with the University Secretary’s Office within 10 working days of the publication of award and progression board results. The faculty will then have a further period of 10 working days in which to respond (see A.3.7 and A.3.9 of USW Regulations for Taught Courses that can be found within the Academic Registry UniLife pages.

Once online results have been published, Student Records will liaise with the Student Casework Unit on a weekly basis to identify students who may have lodged an appeal. Where an appeal is unsuccessful and the decision to discontinue a student stands, the student will be reported to the Home Office. Where an appeal is successful and the student is not to be discontinued, then the note will be closed by Student Records.

Change of decision

If a student has had a note attached and then sunsequently a decision has been made the student should not be reported the please close the T4 note, again with the reasons why this has happened. Again use you 'INITALS EXTENSION REASONS’ in the description field.


Once a week Student Administration Services will run a number of report to identify to ensure that there is nothing omitted from being reported to the Home Office. The reports will be
• all Home Office notes that remain open
• All Tier 4 student who have a FAILED TO ENROL / RE_ENROL status and no Home Office note
• All Tier 4 student who have a SUSPENDED, WITHDRAWN or TRANSFER status and no Home Office note
• All Tier 4 student who have a been DISCONTINUED and no Home Office note
• All Tier 4 student who have been AWARDED and no Home Office note and who are not in the final year of their course

Local Admin Team Responsibility

• To insert notes when students WITHDRAW, SUSPEND or TRANSFER, along with INITIAL PHONE_NOS REASONS
• To run the Discover report OP001 SAMI – Tier4 , weekly and to add comments to the FAILED TO ENROL and DISCONTINUED students
• To close T4 notes when decisions have been reversed, i.e. DISCONTINUED – Appeal against and exam board decision, FAILED TO ENROL – admin issue with enrolment

Central SAS Responsibility

• To run a weekly report, OP001 SAMI – Tier4 – Tier4, to identify students with an open T4 note and no T4 REPORTED, report these students to Home Office and create a T4_REPORTED_NOTE
• To run a weekly validation reports as above and inform local admin teams of any discrepancies